Judge John G. Cummings
Professionalism Award

Judge John C. Cummings

Beginning in 2012, the St. Clair County Mock Trial Competition sought to recognize participating teams for their level of professionalism that they display during the Mock Trial Competition. The Judge John G. Cummings Professional Award is presented to the team judged most professional by their opposing teams.

Video: 'Judge John C. Cummings Defines What Professionalism Is'

Judge John G. Cummings Professionalism Award TrophyFollowing each round of the competition, each team completes an evaluation form which rates the opposing team in the areas of appearance, proficiency in addressing the judge and jury, compliance with Mock Trial rules, attitude and persuasion. The form provides a rubric to effectively assess and award each area a score for that round. Once all the rounds are completed, the scores are tabulated to determine the winner.


Year Winning Team
2017 Cardinal Mooney A 2017 Cardinal Mooney A
2016 St. Clair Blue 2016 St. Clair Blue Team
2015 Capac A 2015 Capac A Team
2014 Port Huron High 2014Port Huron High
2013 Capac B 2013 Capac B Team
2012 Capac C 2012 Capac C Team